Manon's ability

Our fame depends on our ability and our requirement that directs to the choice of raw materials promoting the local wealth.

We have kept the old time tools and machinery which allow us to perpetuate the recipes as transmitted by the past generations, while developing the up-to-date techniques for moulding and packing. This will guarantee an irreproachable quality and savour.
We stick keeping old times recipes (Provence white and black nougats)

While creating new products with a touch of modernity (nougat with candied fruits, mini-calissons with genepi…..)

La Calinoise Manon


For six centuries now, calissons has been a typical Provencal sweetness. This confectionery is prepared with finely crushed almonds in which candied melons and orange peels are added. Its delicacy makes it one of the most prized Provencal confectionary.

Our confectioner is not only satisfied with traditional calissons, but he innovated with new flavours. He proposed varieties such as “mini” (with genepi, figs….) or the famous “calinoises”.

Fabrication des chocolats Manon


Our chocolate maker, formerly a pastry-cook, is passionately fond of his job. He keeps what makes Manon so famous, but he also creates new products which delights our taste.

Our covering chocolate is made of non-refined brown sugar and highly selected cocoa-nibs from South America and Africa.

The making of this fine chocolate is an art that needs ability and imagination. If the blending is a sort of inner alchemy, the control of temperatures will permit the brilliancy which makes the nobility of our 100% pure cocoa-butter chocolates.

Fabrication du nougat Manon


Born during Antiquity in the heart of the Mediterranean basin, good quality nougat is made of an association between almond and honey.

Provence black and white nougats are traditional. Yet our nougat range has been diversified like tender black nougat or white nougat with candied fruits or other dried fruits

Amande melon noix manon
les Amandes manon
Découpe du Nougat
Machine à calissons
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